Kindness Prevails: Day 59

Well, here’s another post that begins with “sorry I haven’t posted in a while.”

I can guarantee that although I haven’t been posting daily, I’ve continuously had “Kindness Prevails” in the back of my mind. Whether i’m stressed because of school, or irritated with something going on, I have made it a habit to remind myself that it’s going to be just fine. There could always be something worse going on. Where there is negativity, kindness isn’t too far away.

I try really hard to be someone who excessively says ‘thank you’ to waiters at restaurants, or wait an extra few seconds to hold the door for someone a little further behind me. I am most certainly a “glass is half full” kinda gal these days. 

At the same time, however, I haven’t done too well at listening to every single bit of my advice. This semester at school I have taken on some extra responsibilities: another job and leadership position in an organization on campus. I like to be busy, and I’ve loved my new routine this semester, but I’ve also forgotten to take care of myself at times. Not to mention, the thought of graduating in less than a year is one that hits me hard at least once or twice a week.

Remember that catch phrase I so often write about? Self care. That’s the one.

Because of my busy schedule, I’m not taking as much time as I did last semester to relax, appreciate the little things, and recognize and promote positivity in my life. The first few days I started falling behind on “Kindness Prevails” drove me absolutely insane. I got extremely frustrated with myself, mostly because I felt disconnected from something that had become a huge part of my daily routine, which was taking a little bit of time out of my day to reflect on something positive or kind that occurred and sharing it here with all of you.

Whether I blog about it or not, every day I am inspired by something or someone who is kind. People in my life have reached out to tell me that they’ve noticed and appreciate my constant positivity since I began my blog. This is why “Kindness Prevails” exists- this is why I started it in the first place. This is also why it won’t ever really have an end. A goal of mine is to reflect in a year, when I will be graduated from college and moving onto a new chapter in my life, on what I’ve learnt and how I’ve grown since putting positivity and kindness at the forefront of my daily life.

Until then, I will no doubt continue to share experiences and moments of kindness here, even if it doesn’t happen on the daily. For those of you who have been constant supporters of my posts, I’d love to hear about how you stay positive. I’m always looking for inspiration. Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂


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