Kindness Prevails: Day 56

Over the weekend I participated in the Women’s March in Boston.

I participated because equality is important, because women’s rights are vital, and because we are still at a point in our society where women of all backgrounds do not have equal rights to their male counterparts.

At a point where our country is so divided, I think it is as important as ever to express opinions in a peaceful manner, in order to promote change. Through this event, I saw this happening and it was a beautiful thing.

While I am privileged and grateful to have grown up in an environment where I have overwhelmingly been treated as equal, and have had opportunities that have not been inhibited because of my gender, there are many people who do not experience this. Because of this reason, inequality is my problem too. It’s all of our problem.

At the march, I was surrounded by so much positivity, kindness and respect. It was incredible to see women and men gather around the world to support one another. This was so much more than politics and opposition- in fact, it wasn’t about that at all.

It was about understanding that there are people in this country who are still not treated equally, who are constantly shamed for their bodies, appearances and sexual orientations and belittled because of their backgrounds. It was about supporting those individuals by walking alongside them, and reminding them that their fight matters, even if it is one that you do not totally relate to.

This is why I marched. Why did you? More importantly, why didn’t you?


2 thoughts on “Kindness Prevails: Day 56

  1. Remi, Thank you for this post and all your posts. I appreciate them. I marched on Saturday also in support of women and others concerned about equality. It was awesome! Donnie

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