Kindness Prevails: Day 49

I’m back!

I must apologize for being MIA for the few days- while it’s not exactly what I planned to do, I can assure you that I didn’t neglect my belief in the importance of spreading kindness.

I decided to enjoy my last few days at home with my friends and family, whom I only get to see once a year, and not stress on the days when I didn’t get a chance to post to my blog or did not have access to my laptop.

The past few days also gave me some good time for reflection. Ringing in the new year reminded me of all the reasons I have to be thankful because of all the experiences and blessings I had this past year.

In 2016 I got to travel, work in a new city, explore my interests, meet influential people, spend time with old friends, spend time with new friends, go to a family wedding and improve my academics.

2016 also brought with it challenges, global tragedy, a nasty election season and many reasons to wish it goodbye.

Because of a combination of both the good and bad, in 2016 I was inspired to spread kindness. I saw how the negative got to people at times, myself included, and decided to make it my goal everyday to overcome the bad by highlighting the good.

By challenging myself to look for kindness around me regularly, my blog made my bad days good and my good days better. I’ve now made it a habit to expect the best in people, which may be naive but ultimately has made my relationships stronger and my overall attitude towards strangers and life in general more positive.

I’m excited to kick off the new year by continuing to recognize kindness, see the good in people, and overcome challenges with positivity. Thank you to those of you who continue to read my posts and follow my blog; I’m excited to continue this journey with you!

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