Kindness Prevails: Day 46

It’s been a crazy few days of festivities and gifts in the spirit of the holiday! 

Tonight my family is whinding down early because we are waking up at 6am tomorrow to spend the day volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. 

A couple weeks ago I posted about my decision to sign us up to volunteer, in the spirit of “kindness Prevails”. My blog has inspired me to spread kindness everyday, especially to those who need it most. It has opened my eyes to all the good that is in the world, despite the negativity that we tend to be exposed to in the news and media. 

I’m so lucky to have spent the past few days surrounded by family, filled with delicious food, drinks and gifts. 

I’m excited to give back tomorrow and take a day off of holiday festivities to spread some kindness. Stay tuned for a summary of our day! 


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