Kindness Prevails: Day 43

Unfortunately, while kindness exists all around us, so does tragedy. Yet, in times of tragedy people often turn to extraordinary kindness, hope and solidarity to mend broken wounds and heal. 

A few days ago the city of Berlin faced a terrible attack when a truck rammed into a Christmas market in an intentional act of terror, killing and wounding many. Sadly this is one of many terror attacks innocent people have faced over the past year. 

But just a few days later, while many are certainly not healed and are still dealing with the aftermath, the city came together and celebrated the holiday in unity. 

They celebrated an annual holiday festival hosted in the local soccer stadium, refusing to let fear ruin their tradition. Instead, they used this event to heal together and stand up against the violence.

The New York Times covered the event, interviewing residents of Berlin and annual attendees.

It is a beautiful story of how solidarity, kindness and hope can overcome tragedy and senseless violence. 

One attendee explained this perfectly: 

“This week we’ve been sad, nervous, and we can’t believe what happened,” said Marina Müller, 26, of Eichwalde. “But I think you cannot change your life. We wanted to share this feeling with the many people here, to sing, and have a merry Christmas.”


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