Kindness Prevails: Day 39

I abide by my claim that kindness is everywhere but, I must admit, it is especially prevalent in small towns.

My parents come from a very small town in Louisiana and although I am definitely a city girl, coming home to our little town in South Louisiana every Christmas is always the perfect getaway. It’s the epitome of Southern hospitality.

Everyone smiles and says ‘Hi’ to you in the grocery store, asks how you’re doing and is always willing to give a helping hand.

For example, today my mom and I were leaving the grocery store and our car wouldn’t start. The second we realized we were stuck, someone appeared at the car offering their help. When they left, my mom and I both smiled and she said, “there’s your blog post for the day.”

I have a feeling that while I’m here the next few weeks I will not have a shortage of kindness to report; I’m excited to share it with you guys.

Stay tuned 🙂

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