Kindness Prevails: Day 37

Boston was an actual ‘Winter Wonderland’ today- and I say that lightly because the snow was beautiful, but also a huge struggle when I had to trek across campus to my 9 o’clock exam this morning on the slippery, and barely visible, sidewalks.

Since it’s my third winter in Boston, you’d think I’d be used to it. Well, no matter how prepared I am there’s absolutely nothing that can prepare me for the fear that I have of slipping and falling in the snow, let alone the embarrassment of doing it in front of another person.

So, this is a special shoutout today to the kind stranger who noticed me slip in front of them this morning and grabbed my arm to catch my fall, then proceed to ask me if I was okay. That was really really nice, and made me feel a lot less embarrassed about it when we laughed it off together.

Luckily, I’m at the airport waiting to fly to Louisiana, where it’s currently 75 degrees. But just a reminder to those of you in snowy areas: look out for others and give a stranger a helping hand.

Stay safe out there 🙂

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