Kindness Prevails: Day 30

Today’s post is kind of ironic, because I almost forgot to post at all. Yet, it inspired me for my topic of the day: friendship. I forgot to post, because I spent the day catching up with and spending time with friends.

I got coffee with a close friend of mine who I won’t see until next Fall because she’s going abroad to Australia in the Spring.

I got dinner with friends I made while working and taking classes in Washington, D.C over the Summer.

And then my roommates and I hosted a Christmas party at our apartment, where we swapped gifts, drank wine, listened to Christmas music, all of which was done in our Christmas pajamas and ugly sweaters, of course.

It was a day that reminded me how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life who I get to see everyday, and who are some of the kindest and beautiful people I know.

My point here, is to remind yourself every once and a while how lucky you are, if you have people in your life like I do, who make your days better. Tell your friends you’re thankful for them, tell them how much you appreciate them, and be extra kind to them. Be kind to strangers, cause that’s a really cool thing to do, but save some for the people you love the most, too!

It’s 1.30am and I almost fell asleep having had missed a day of blogging for the first time since I began “Kindness Prevails”. Once the minor panic settled, my smile grew, because it would have been for a damn good reason.

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