Kindness Prevails: Day 29

A look back: Kindness over the the past year.

It can be difficult sometimes to find positivity and actual good news in the news and media, unfortunately. In response to this unfortunate trend, The Atlantic came out with a wonderful piece called “Hopeful Images from 2016”.

The writer, Alan Taylor, says “after another year of news stories that produced photos that can often be difficult or disturbing to view, I thought I’d take the time to compose an essay of uplifting images from the past year.”

Even on some of the darkest days, kindness can still be found, sometimes it just gets buried in all the noise.

This is my personal favorite picture in the collection:

Leo Correa/ AP

Smiling is contagious 🙂

Check out the article here to view all the photos and the stories behind them.

*Featured image:*


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