Kindness Prevails: Day 26

If you’ve been keeping up with the news and your social media feeds recently, you are probably somewhat familiar with the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline efforts and protests that have been occurring in retaliation. It has stirred a huge movement on social media, many turning to the hashtag #NoDAPL to show their solidarity with the protestors.

Well, this week the events made a monumental turn, as the protestors were victorious in their efforts. According to The New York Times, “the US Department of the Army announced that it would not allow the pipeline to be drilled under a dammed section of the Missouri River.”

Not only was it a major victory for the Native Americans of the area whose access to water was threatened by the completion of the pipeline, it also sparked nationwide solidarity and, you saw this coming I’m sure, kindness.

One particular event that was brought to my attention was a “forgiveness ceremony” that was held between veterans, who had committed atrocities against the Native American people in the past, and the Native American Standing Rock Protestors.

This beautiful act of forgiveness and unity is an example of how timeless kindness is. It is never too late to correct a wrongdoing, or to make amends– a lesson that can be applied to any situation.

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