Kindness Prevails: Day 22

If you are anything like me, a foodie, you love to splurge and treat yo’self to a meal out every once and a while. Especially when things start to get busy at school aka finals season, it’s nice to get out for brunch or dinner and take a break from studying. Not to mention, it’s nice when food is prepared for you and delivered right to your table- if we’re being honest here.

What if I told you that by eating out in Boston, you can treat yourself and someone in need simultaneously? It’s true! And it’s easy.

Hearth Shares is an organization that pairs with restaurants around the Boston area to take part in an initiative where diners are invited to add just $1 to their total bill, and that extra donation will go towards local charities that support ending homelessness in Boston.

Check out a list of participating restaurants here and be sure to pick one (or more!) to treat yourself, but more importantly, help so many others in need.

Happy dining!

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