Kindness Prevails: Day 21

Ah, finals season! The next few weeks often amount to stress and anxiety for college students alike- myself included. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and studying, but so important to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself as well as others around you.

Today, my professor walked into class with his golden retriever trailing behind him. He brought her in for us to enjoy some “puppy therapy” and puppy love to destress before finals seasons officially kicks in.

Besides the fact that I got to watch a cute dog roam around our classroom for an hour and a half, and pet it when it strolled past me, I thought it was a really kind gesture of my professor. Something so simple can make a stressful day a little bit brighter. It certainly made my day better!

In all seriousness, stress can be really dangerous for college students. There’s so much pressure to do well, to ace finals, and to get through them in one piece. Different people handle their stress in different ways, but whatever your method, be sure to take time for it. Be kind to yourself.

Whether it’s puppy therapy, a quick Netflix binge, your favorite snacks, or a glass of wine- take care of your stress and be sure to look out for others, too. You never know how much your kind gesture will impact an individual’s mood and mentality.

Happy finals season- you can do it!

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