Kindness Prevails: Day 20

Today I want to share a story of kindness that I learnt about through a podcast (shocker) that I think is a beautiful story of friendship, kindness and impact.

The best part about it is it’s about two best friends, who were six-years-old at the time of the story, one of whom suffers from a rare disease, and the other whose goal is to help cure this disease.

I love that it is a story of a little kid’s acts of kindness, because it shows how natural kindness is in all of us. I truly believe that there is more good than bad in the world, that people are more kind-hearted than not, and this is a reminder of that. Kids are so special in that they are so innocent; they haven’t been exposed to much of the world yet. So, to see this kid, Dylan, make such a difference out of the good in his heart, is such a wonderful thing.

Dylan decided to write a children’s book called Chocolate Bar to raise money for research towards a cure for his “best pal” Jonah’s rare disease. To this day, Dylan has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars towards his cause.

For more information on this story, visit the official website here.

NPR’s podcast, Kind World, published an episode on this story. Check out the podcast here to listen to Dylan tell his story of the success of Chocolate Bar and talk about his special friendship with Jonah. I highly recommend giving it a listen and checking out more episodes of Kind World, which tells stories of how small acts of kindness can change the world.

That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? 🙂


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