Kindness Prevails: Day 19

Happy #GivingTuesday!

Today is “global day of giving”. It is a campaign recognized around the world that encourages individuals to be charitable and give back. It falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in order to follow Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where much of our energy goes into consumption and commercialism.

All over social media today I’ve seen my friends and public figures highlighting their charities of choice, and where their “giving” will be going to today.

Today, my charity of choice was Court Appointed Special Advocates. This is an organization near and dear to my heart, as it is the philanthropy my sorority supports and therefore one that I have spent time over the years learning about and raising money for.


CASA’s mission, according to their website, is “to promote and advocate for the best interests of children involved in abuse and neglect cases”. CASA volunteers are appointed by a judge to represent a child in the court system for various foster care cases. Through these volunteers, foster kids are given a voice and the care and safety that they may not have had otherwise.

There are so many ways you can give back today through gestures both big and small- what will yours be?

Check out this article for a list of charities that will double your donation if you donate to them today!


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