Kindness Prevails: Day 18

Since the election results on November 8, you may have noticed a movement in cities around the country that went viral, to promote positivity, peace and optimism in the form of sticky notes in public places.

According to NBC News, Matthew Chavez began the project in New York, which he calls “Subway Therapy”, and it eventually spread to other cities, like Boston.

…and Boston University’s College of Communication (COM).

COM’s student government expanded the movement to our classroom building on campus, where students are encouraged to post positive sticky notes in the reception area, “to build a better COMmunity”.

I had heard about this a few weeks ago, but today I finally got the chance to check it out in person and read some of the notes.


“Your opinions matter”, “Let there be love”, “You matter”, were just a few of the many positive words students posted to the wall for their peers.

I think it’s such a nice, positive way to turn grievances into optimism, and to remind others to stay positive and give some encouragement to do so. It is particularly nice to see this being done in my school, as it makes me proud to be a member of this community.

Perhaps your community needs some positivity- take action and start your own version of “Subway Therapy”. All it takes is a wall, sticky notes, pens, and positivity.


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