Kindness Prevails: Day 17

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in airports. Flying was always exciting- it usually meant going home to Louisiana for Christmas break, or traveling to a new, exciting destination with my family. 

Flying has also always been stressful, thanks to numerous experiences with delays, cancellations, missed flights, lost baggage, long security lines etc. Unfortunately, a lot of flying has also contributed to the many unfortunate airport stories I have thanks to these stresses.

Sitting in the airport right now, waiting for a connecting flight back to Boston, has given me the idea for today’s post. Airports need more kindness!

Airport experiences are so much more pleasant when people are friendly, kind and empathetic. Sounds obvious, I know, but seriously- it’s insane how one unhappy traveler or airport worker can affect your mood. Just like any other situation I’ve written about, I’ve highlighted how important it is to be aware of others. Yes, it can be annoying when a first-time traveler is taking forever in the security line, or when a baby is crying in the row behind you, but before getting worked up, remember that they’re probably just as stressed and irritated as you are. Try and smile through the pain, or just put your headphones in and avoid it all together. 

The holiday season is certainly not a time for easy, stress free travels, but try and make the effort to give it your best attitude. You’ll thank yourself eventually, and if anything, will contribute to easing the hectic, holiday-travel induced anxiety in the air. 

Happy travels!


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