Kindness Prevails: Day 13

This morning I woke up at 4am to take two flights home to my family for Thanksgiving. This is so special to me. Despite the fact that my parents live in North Carolina, my sisters live in DC and Boston and my Grandparents, in Louisiana, we were all able to come together in one place for the next few days to celebrate the holiday. 

This is so special for the reason that any big holiday is- to spend time with family, eat delicious food (and lots of it!) and enjoy a few days of relaxation. For my family, however, the big, “American” Thanksgiving celebration is a relatively new tradition. 

Up until a few years ago, our Thanksgivings were spent abroad (when we lived in Switzerland and Singapore), the weekend after the Thursday of Thanksgiving (my international schools didn’t give us the day off) and with a group of my non-American friends from school. Sometimes my sisters couldn’t even come because it was too far of a trip from their schools back in the States. My mom would always make a Turkey, though- even when it was a struggle to find one in tiny Swiss supermarkets- and a few of our favorite dishes to give us a taste of the real thing.  

We had our own unique tradition and I still loved it. Very few big family dinners compare to watching a bunch of non-Americans devour stuffing and Turkey, questioning what the heck stuffing is in the first place. I do miss that.

Yet, today I can’t help myself but be extra thankful that I’m spending Thanksgiving for the third year in a row with my whole family in North Carolina, on the actual day of Thanksgiving, with a huge turkey, all the fixings, pie and football. 

Simple as that. 

So, if you get to be home for the holiday with your family, cherish it. If not, that’s okay too- make your own tradition 🙂


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