Kindness Prevails: Day Ten

Today I wanted to share an experience I had yesterday while on a run. I think it’s an important reminder not only to be kind, but to be aware of how your treatment of others’ has an impact.

I run around my neighborhood every once and a while when the weather is nice. It’s a safe, comfortable place to run so it’s usually a nice time for myself. I, like most people, run for myself. I do it for my fitness, but also to take some me-time.

Yesterday on my run I passed two older guys on the sidewalk as I was waiting to cross the street. Although I had headphones on, as I took off down the road, one of them catcalled me and then said “nice leggings”. At first I turned around because I could barely hear and thought someone was trying to get my attention. Then his friend told him to “shut up” and he sheepishly said “sorry” to me. I continued on.

Three lessons from this story:

  1. Most people do not put on workout clothes and run to attract attention. It’s for themselves; for their mind and body. Not for you 🙂
  2. Catcalling is not okay, or flattering. It’s uncomfortable. Just don’t do it.
  3. If you’re with someone who needs a kindness reminder, or someone to simply tell them that they are doing something wrong, be that person. Although the friend being there to apologize to me didn’t change the fact that it happened and I felt uncomfortable, it was still nice that he made the gesture so his friend perhaps doesn’t do the same thing to someone else in the future.

Sometimes kindness means reminding someone to just do the right thing. 

*Featured photo a screenshot from Pinterest*


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