Kindness Prevails: Day Seven

The absolute greatest thing about kindness: it’s FREE. All it takes is a little time and effort-even a smile can do the trick- to make a difference.

For today’s post I’d like to share an incredible, free and simple way YOU can change someone’s life. All it takes is a few hours, a computer, a microphone, and your voice. 

If you read my post yesterday, I described an event I went to called Pop-Up Magazine. At this event, one of the speakers told a story about donating her voice (yes, it’s a thing!).

VocaliD is an incredible company that recognizes the value of voice to an individual’s identity.

“Over ten million people are unable to speak. Over 500 million everyday devices and applications are narrated by a voice. All of them choose from the same few generic, synthetic voices.”

Through what the company calls “The Human Voice Bank”, VocaliD crowdsources voices from around the world and through specific algorithms they generate unique, personalized voices for individuals who use synthetic voices. The site guides individuals through the process, providing specific speaking prompts and directions.

All it takes is your time and generosity. Register here:, to create a profile and begin recording your voice to give someone less fortunate their unique voice identity.

For more information on how you can donate, and why it is important, check out this article.

Get donating!

*Featured image is a screenshot from the official VocaliD website*



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