Kindness Prevails: Day Six

When is the last time you listened to, and really enjoyed a story being told?

And I mean really enjoyed- without distractions. Without responding to a text mid way, checking your email, interrupting etc. Seems easy until it’s done, huh? We live in such a hyper-technological society that is so focused on doing things fast and easy. It’s not our fault, just our loss.

Thanks to Netflix, we don’t have to wait a week to watch the next episode of our favorite show. Thanks to podcasts and audiobooks, we can listen to someone reading a story to us while we do other things (commuting, laundry, cooking) instead of reading it ourselves. Thanks to Spotify, we don’t have to sit through the annoying commercials between our favorite songs on the radio.

These are just some examples of many, and don’t get me wrong, I spend a considerable amount of my time doing all three. But, last night I had the opportunity to attend an event called Pop-Up Magazine, which amazed and inspired me, and reminded me of the value of classic, non-interrupted story telling.

Pop-Up Magazine is described on their website as “a night of true stories, films, photography, and radio from some of our favorite writers, performers, and musicians. Unrecorded, live onstage.”

Essentially, I sat in a theater for two hours with my sisters and hundreds of other strangers and listened. We listened to stories that were funny, informative, romantic, sad, heartbreaking and inspiring. We left with no copy or recording of them, just the memory that we took with us.

The kindness in this experience existed in the stories, but also in every stranger at the show who left feeling inspired to be positive and radiate kindness, as I did, to others.

Be sure to check out the event if you ever get the opportunity. Otherwise, open your eyes to stories around you-everyone has one to tell- and really listen. No distractions.



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