Kindness Prevails: Day Two

Kindness in numbers: Boston unity and Grandma’s field trip.

Yesterday, a Love Rally was held at the Boston Common. In a time of deep polarization, tension and divide in this country, there is nothing more powerful than the idea of unity and togetherness to mend the gap.

Photo Credit: Zohya Parmar, Boston University Student

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not” – The Lorax 

Later that evening, my roommate and I were walking home from the grocery store. It was silent, until we heard a car in the distance approaching with rap music blaring through the speaker system. A few minutes later, we heard it again as we approached a senior citizen’s home nearby. The car was parked, music still blaring, and inside sat an old woman, and a young boy. He had picked her up from the senior citizen home to cruise around her neighborhood and listen to rap music. They sat in the car laughing and smiling.

Stay kind.


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