Kindness Prevails: Day One

Kindness can be found in the weirdest of places- like restaurant bathrooms at 10.30pm.

As I went in the bathroom stall, out walked a girl in the one next to me. She was on the phone- sounded like she was getting advice from a friend on a guy she would be seeing later that night, unsure if he would like her based on her appearance. Classic girl in the bathroom scenario.

Then, someone else walked in as she hung up the phone. She said to the girl on the phone, “I love your hair. You look really pretty!”

Who knows whether this girl ended up seeing the guy later on in the night. But this stranger’s kindness, unknowingly, reminded her that she is beautiful, and worthy of any guy’s time, when she seemed to have felt otherwise (not that she needed it!).

A simple compliment goes a long way.

Also, my sister sent me this picture of her dog. When in doubt or having a rough day, puppy love is a cure.


Happy Friday!


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