Kindness Prevails

My blog has hit a dry spell over the past few months- for no particular reason other than I have lacked the inspiration and motivation to post and, what can I say, internships, school and life can get pretty busy.

Today, along with many other Americans and people across the world, I felt many emotions that I feel the need to express, but have struggled to put into words. All I could come up with was this:screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-31-28-pmIt did not, and does not feel like enough.

The results of last night’s Presidential election changed the lives of many individuals in an instant. It provoked fear, sadness, anger, pain, shock, confusion-you name it, it was, and still is being felt. Yet, my heart and head are both telling me to search for the good. So, I am turning my energy to my blog.

Starting tomorrow, I will be blogging strictly to document the kindness that I experience and witness everyday; the kindness from strangers and friends alike, because it is present and it is necessary, even when it feels overshadowed. 

Some days will be easier than others, some may pose a challenge, but my challenge to myself (and you reading this) is to search for the kindness when it is hiding, and more importantly to embrace the kindness within you even when it seems tough. My mom has always told me the simplest of ideas: if everyone would just be kind, the world would be a much better place. Indeed it would.

Until tomorrow.

*Featured image is from Pinterest*


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