Today my heart is heavy. Yesterday, my heart was heavy- and the day before that.

“Is it because I’m now old enough to understand the terrors of the world?” A question I always ask myself, especially on tragic days like yesterday was, when I can’t quite fathom the hate that resides in so many people and their actions.

It is easy for us to look back in our history books and question the horrors humanity has faced in the past. How did Hitler get away with his actions in World War Two? How was the United States ever so discriminatory against African Americans?

What frightens me is that when you read the headlines today, or simply pay attention to what’s going on in the world today, our progression is questionable. It is unsettling that much of our history still has its place in our society today.

Just last week, protests at the University of Missouri broke out because African American students felt unsafe and discriminated against at their own school. Explosions in the capital of Lebanon killed approximately 40 people. Nearly 100 people were killed in Ankara, Turkey by two suicide bombers. And last night in Paris, approximately 125 people were killed across the city by alleged ISIS bombers, Paris’ deadliest attack since World War Two.

Sadly, that is not nearly the end of the list. Every single day, domestically and nationally, the world faces hatred and evil because of religious, cultural and ethnical differences.

As I go about my normal day today, I count my blessings. My heart is breaking for the many people around the world who feel threatened and scared for their lives on a daily basis, because of their differences, and because there are others who senselessly see these differences as ‘wrong’.

Yesterday and still today, I am #PrayingforParis. But more importantly I think we all need to take a step back and remember to #PrayfortheWorld, because it really needs our help.


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