Ah, Journalism

These past few weeks, I’ve fallen in love with journalism all over again.

First of all, one of my professor’s this semester (thank you BU!) is an actual journalist. Yes, an actual journalist. I feel like the definition has become such a blurred one. He is; however, that rare type that’s experienced awesome things and written for amazing publications and, most of all, is incredibly passionate about writing, curiosity and experience: just a few of the many qualities that shape a journalist, in my opinion. It is one of those rare occasions where I’m taking a class that I like to go to because it’s fun and inspiring, and not just because it’s a requirement.

Most importantly, though, I’d like to thank a very special journalist, Mr. David Carr, for contributing to this love just that much more. Carr’s passing this month was devastating, not only to those who knew and loved him, but also to the entire journalism community around the world. Carr was also a professor at my school. I remember when I heard he would be joining the BU community. I had to pinch myself at the thought that the amazing and talented David Carr could one day be my professor. I remember one time I passed him on my way to class. Yes, I fangirl-ed so hard. I actually pulled out my phone and followed him on Twitter at that moment. Not only was Carr a successful, published writer for The New York Times, he was also an incredibly experienced and passionate individual. I didn’t know much about Carr’s background until the week of his passing.  I spent the next few days reading the numerous tributes posted in his honor by students, faculty and friends of his. I was in amazement of his past and the impact he’s had on so many people around him. At a time where the field of journalism is going through major changes, and to the agreement of many, on a downward slope, Carr was that optimistic soul that had faith in my generation of journalists. He once said, “I love the current future of journalism we are living through and care desperately about getting my students ready to prosper in this new place,” in regards to his new teaching role at BU. He was teaching because he genuinely cared and felt hopeful about the ever-changing field of journalism and, specifically, my generation of journalists that are a part of this evolution.

Thank you, David Carr, for believing in journalism. But most of all, thank you for believing in us, the new generation of journalists, who many claim there is no place for in this evolving technological age of journalism.


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